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by creating content & running ads that get people to take action with your company

What is MediaSqueeze?

We’re a boutique creative marketing agency in Denver, Colorado built to help small businesses grow. 

We do this by creating engaging content and running hyper-targeted ads that get people to take action with your company.

Use Proven Strategies

No more guesswork, MediaSqueeze will implement proven digital marketing & advertising strategies quickly and cost-effectively.

✅ Social Media Advertising

✅ Google Ads - PPC, Display & Shopping

✅ Complete Social Media Marketing

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Book Your Discovery Call

We'll spend 30 minutes learning about your business objectives to identify growth opportunities. 


What We've Helped Our Clients Achieve

through paid online advertising alone


ad impressions


direct revenue


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new web visitors

Become a marketing master

so your business can thrive! 

You have a lot on your plate already, and in the constantly evolving world of digital marketing it can be tough to get ahead.

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your dreams!