What Is Retargeting Anyway?

As you've surely recognized by now, Facebook advertising is not going anywhere. It is arguably the most powerful marketing tool the world has ever seen, so you've begun investing ad dollars into Facebook and Instagram to drive people to your website. So what now? How can you "follow up" with those who saw your ad, engaged with your brand in some way, but didn't make a purchase? Retargeting is the answer! How It Works In simplest form, retargeting is the method which allows you to convert prospects into buyers; specifically those who have interacted with your business already, but have not yet made a purchase. The most common example where retargeting shines is in e-commerce. Generally, only

4 Tips For Better Instagram Results

So you've realized that social media is no longer an optional component of you marketing strategy, but you aren't seeing the results you'd like from Instagram. Here are 4 simple topics to direct your focus toward in order to scale your Instagram results! 1) Engagement Over Follower Count Engage heavily with your current followers, make sure you're interacting in the comments. Getting more followers who aren't engaging with your content will not necessarily benefit your brand. Ask questions to increase conversation in comments section. Don't simply "❤️" others comments or reply with a "👍," try and spark a real dialogue. 2) Outreach Search for posts based on location and/or hashtags related t

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