Social Media Strategy For Coffee Shops

Many coffee shops offer unbelievable coffee, a great atmosphere, outstanding customer service, and and overall experience that far surpasses that of most coffee establishments. However, coffee shops are a dime a dozen and often struggle attracting new customers. An unobjectionable solution to this problem perhaps lies in a strong social media strategy. Here are 5 tips to remember when building a social media strategy for your coffee shop!

1. Facebook Offers

If you didn't know, Facebook has a feature called "offers." This is a tab on your page that allows you to create coupons that users can save and redeem in store or online. Facebook will even remind those who have saved your offer when it is about to expire, making them very effective.

It will take as little as 5 minutes to create a "Buy One Get One Free" or "10% Off" offer at no cost to you! No more need for direct mail coupons, Facebook has you covered. You can later promote these coupons to specific people who are likely to engage with your brand. So, creating offers on Facebook is a no-brainer for coffee shops.

2. Instagram and Snapchat

Most coffee shops, I'm hoping, have figured out that Instagram and Snapchat are not gimmicks, they are powerhouse marketing tools. So, if you aren't yet active on these platforms, you're making a crucial mistake. After all, a large percentage of your target demographic (generally speaking) lives on Instagram.

With the "stories" feature of Instagram dominating, Snapchat may lose it's "specialness," however, Snapchat still carries huge potential, especially considering that their ad platform is becoming better and better everyday. If you can learn to speak the language of these two platforms and distribute content on them effectively, your chances of winning will go through the roof! Learn how to leverage Snapchat lenses and filters, Instagram's stories and live functionalities, and start producing unique content that drives engagement.

3. Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencer marketing is a strategy that is likely to dominate in 2018. The basic premise of this strategy is to find highly influential figures on social media, likely local to your area. These individuals will not have millions of followers, therefore charge much less (sometimes not at all) for their collaboration with your brand.

A micro-influencer strategy for a coffee shop may go a little like this: There is a local man, let's call him Jeff, who has a YouTube channel and Podcast that has become quite popular in your city. He has about 10,000 Instagram followers, but his engagement is outstanding. You contact Jeff and ask him to come in for a free latte, which he does. While visiting, Jeff sits down to respond to emails and edit his podcast. While working, he uploads a boomerang (a feature on Instagram) of his latte to his Instagram story, tagging your shop. Maybe he mentions you on his Podcast, maybe you pay him $100 to do so, or maybe his IG story was enough to attract 6 of his fans that live in the neighborhood to come check your coffee shop out. It really can be that simple.

4. Unique Content

Too many coffee shops are producing content that is, quite frankly, dull. Yes, it is smart to post videos of your beautiful latte art and photos of your new brownies, but many companies are missing the bigger picture, storytelling. You'd be shocked by the content that actually delivers results, spoiler alert, it's not the kind where you ask for someone to come in and buy something. The content that really works is the kind that tells a story.

Start showing the employees and their fashionable winter socks, start doing live videos on Instagram, give insights into your history and plans for the future, share more than you think you should. Make content that is truly valuable to the consumer that also helps develop the story of your brand.

5. Advertise

Advertising on social media is no new phenomenon, however, so many are still timid in regard to putting actual money behind social ad campaigns. Why? Because it's easy to throw your money away on Facebook. If you are running ads with no real strategy, Facebook will eat your money. Plain and simple. However, if you take the time to develop content that cut through the noise of social media, target the correct people, and have killer copy, social media's advertising capabilities may blow your mind.

Do some research on other successful ad campaigns and see what you can learn from them. Unfortunately, Facebook has severely limited your organic reach potential, so it has become essential that we all learn how to effectively advertise on the platform. If you want to have a leg up on the competition, start advertising effectively on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

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