3D / VR Content & Why Your Business Needs It

What is 3D / VR content anyway?

When we envision 3D or Virtual Reality content, we may picture an individual wandering around a room with a headset snugly wrapped around their grinning face; however, there are far more practical applications for this technology that can skyrocket your digital marketing strategy.

From a 360° image/video embedded on your website to a virtual reality experience on Facebook, this technology is paving the way for the future of digital marketing. To further "future-proof" you brand, take a close look at how you can implement 3D/VR into your marketing strategy.

Why is it valuable & how is it used?

3D and Virtual Reality content can be used in a slew of strategies, but its primary value lies in its interactivity. This new medium allows for an experience unmatched by any standard photo gallery or video. It lures your customers and prospects into a new world, allowing them to step into a home without leaving their couch, experience an event without attending, tour your facility from anywhere in the world, and so much more!

One of the more common, yet most effective, forms of 3D content is virtually showcasing real-estate properties online. This could be a 360° image in which the potential buyer can "look around" from one position, or a virtual experience wherein they can actually "walk around" the property. The best part is, the customer doesn't have to wear a goofy headset for this, it can all be done on their smartphone!

How do I do it?

Fortunately, there are a few companies offering relatively inexpensive cameras and/or softwares which allow you create your own 3D content. However, the more intricate virtual tours may still cost a pretty penny if you prefer to do it yourself.

A great option for many businesses may be to hire an agency who already possess the necessary equipment to create such content. Many digital agencies are beginning to adopt this technology, however, it is still relatively new. Now is a good time to jump on board and experiment with 3D content before it becomes commonplace for digital marketers.

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