Why your Facebook ads aren't working - and how to fix them!

Have you ever wasted money on Facebook ads that didn't work? You're not alone....

Facebook arguably has the most powerful advertising platform the world has ever seen - when used properly... However, too many brands feel that they've wasted their advertising dollars on Facebook. So why do some brands swear by Facebook advertising and others can't seem to catch a break? The answer, in many cases, is surprisingly simple!

Facebook favors longevity

Facebook's algorithm is complex and enigmatic. As a marketer, it's one of the most frustrating technologies to interpret and leverage, but it is designed to maximize results when given enough time to "learn."

Here's a perfect example: One of our clients began investing in Facebook ads mid-2018. Without a significant budget increase, watch their results skyrocket as Facebook's algorithm "learns" their customer.

Focus on data - but don't make hasty decisions

Part of Facebook's ad platform's value proposition is the immense, real-time data available. It is essential that you regularly analyze your campaign's performance (we try to perform a daily analysis).

That being said, if you notice your result begin to fall or remain stagnant, your first reaction may be to make changes and get things back on track. However, in our experience, it is far more effective to let your ads run their course - again, giving the algorithm time to adjust (look at the results above for proof. If we had made too many edits in attempts to maximize ROAS, the results likely would have flatlined).

Commit to a consistent budget

A key factor in your ads performance is budget. A higher budget does not necessarily equate to greater returns. Rather, a consistent budget will force Facebook to maximize your dollars. Want proof? Take a look at the graph above. Again, this client hardly increased budget throughout the entire period shown, but their results increased exponentially. Why? Because they stuck to a budget and didn't waver in the begining of the process.

Start with great (mobile-first) content

The first step in the complex world of Facebook advertising is content. Great content that cuts through the noise of social media and creates tension in your consumer (that only your product/service can release) will significantly increase your results.

After all, Facebook must cater to their user-experience first and foremost. The better and more native your content is, the greater impact your ad dollars will have.

Example of MediaSqueeze' advertising process

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