Tell your story in the most authentic manner. Effective video marketing gives you the edge you'll need to capture our ever-shortening attentions span's. 


Social media has made it more difficult to trust brands and/or influencers. Video creates a level of trust with the consumer that text simply can't.


Video content still dominates our attention online. It's easier to consume and is now, in a way, an expectation of younger consumers.


The most authentic way for your content to reach someone new is for it to be shared with them by a friend. Video still proves to be the most "shareable" content medium!


One of the most powerful assets your brand has is its authenticity, video is one of the best ways to express who you really are!

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Content should feel native

We produce video that is native to the platform it was created for. Whether it be fully vertical for Snapchat, square for Instagram, or a traditional format for your website, we cater your content toward the platform it is designed for!




Tell your story in the most authentic, consumable way with video. MediaSqueeze will help plan, develop, and market your video. From start to finish we are here to help!